Getting the Data onto the System kb-3

Church Portal  

This section is for a congregation starting out on the system.

Capturing of the Membership Data: There are three ways of doing this:

  1. The Members can all register and log in themselves individually (See section one).

There is an outline for a Congregation’s leaders can use to assist congregations that choose this route, which outlines his process that in a step by step format which can be circulated and used for this process;

  1. The current data be placed, by the congregations’ minister or membership secretary, into a prescribed and supplied Excel Spreadsheet.

The prescribed Excel Spreadsheet is designed for information accuracy and all the columns need to be completed (See the next subsection below)

  1. The Congregation can start from a clear base and ask all the members to complete a form with the information and have this put into the prescribed Spreadsheet and send this to us, or you can also use the +Add Member section in the Church Portal to put members into the system.

Examples of the Membership Information Request Form and are available on request.

All the above extra information can be requested from us. 

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