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Mailing Lists  

The Mailing Lists

You set up the various mailing lists, as you require, for the bulk emails to the whole congregation. For example: Newsletter, Daily Devotions, Bulletin, Special Notice, etc.
Please note that this section is for the bulk emails, and the other emails to groups within the church are set up and used through the Groups (See Groups).



After clicking on the icon, there is the option for setting up the various types of mailing lists:



For example: General Newsletter, Daily Devotions, etc.


If for some reason you or anyone else decides that the Mail List name is not what is wanted then it can be c hanged by cliucking on the Edit button. You are then able to change any of the fields. If you want tyo see the Mail list name at the top then change the Order field to 10 or 20 or if you want the name at the bottom, then change it to 550




You are also able to see who has Unsubscribed from each bulk email list simply for record purposes.
Having set this up, when sending the email, there is the choice in the pull down:


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