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The Personal Church Portal

Section 1: The Personal Church Portal:
What is the Personal Church Portal?
The personal portal is used by individual members of the church to load and maintain their personal details.
Personal profiles can be created in the following ways:
• Registration by the member themselves
• Registration by the Congregation
• Registration by the Denomination
• Registration by an Organization.
Why the Registration process?
The system has tight security so will ask via email to verify your email address to check that it is a real person and this is in fact the person’s email address. This is followed by linking the person’s personal details to the correct congregation.
Starting Out
Purpose: To get you started from the very beginning to being registered on the system.
Logging In
Note: Please use Chrome  as your browser. The System works best through Chrome. Though you can use others, some features, like the calendar, sometimes cause difficulties.
Open your internet browser using your denomination version of the MyChurch address: (e.g. and this will appear, denominational specific.
Your denomination’s version of this page will then open. Through the pulldowns you can read about the features, the background, contacts, etc., and the way to log in:



Click on Login or Register and you will see a page like below:

NOTE ON LANGUAGES: You will have a choice of the languages in the pull down. (We have many pages translated, however, please note that this is still a work in progress. There are many languages! If you can volunteer to assist us with this let us know!)
Correct Connection: The System will connect you to congregation to which you belong.
As a new user click on the box or the writing: Register as a new user and the following screen come up:

Here is where you link yourself to your congregation. Insert your personal and functional Email as your username. Confirmation emails will be sent to it regarding the registration process. If your congregation’s data is loaded already, then it is vitally important that the same email address is used that is given for the congregation’s office to use. If in the System your loaded data will appear. If not then you need to complete the data capturing process.

The Password is a word of your own choice which must be at least 8 characters, including a capital letter, at least one number and preferably one special character (example: P@ssw0rd! – please don’t use this password). Repeat this password to confirm it. Please remember or keep a record of the password somewhere, but there is a “forgot Password’ facility.
Click on 
Wait until you receive an email which will be sent to the address used as the username to confirm that this is your email address. If it does not arrive in the normal way, you may need to check your ‘Spam’ or ‘Junk’ boxes as some filters work that way.
Click on the link in the email confirming your registration, using your user name and password.

Log in using your new login details: Username and chosen password. You will see:

Click on My Profile and follow the instructions which will then allow you to complete your details.
➢ If the Congregation to which a person belongs has already given the spreadsheet to the Administrator, then the information is already on the system and can be updated and save.
➢ If the Congregation to which a person belongs has not processed with the bulk data upload above, then the Personal Profile will be empty and will need to be completed with all the data.
Inserting the personal information into the Profile
Please make sure that you complete this as comprehensively as possible.

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